While UTHSUITE is making ERP easier, there are times where you want to turn to the experts for help. The UTH Support site features a variety of materials ranging from initial ERP software installation instructions that are freely available to everyone, to fee-based Extended Support subscriptions geared toward maximizing the value of your UTH solutions.

  • 1.
    ERP Installation
    Download step-by-step instructions for UTH open source ERP software installation with Oracle or EnterpriseDB databases. Instructions are available for deployment in Linux and Microsoft Windows operating environments.
  • 2.
    ERP Implementation
    Learn the strategies for successful ERP implementation. These principles guide first-time evaluators and experienced UTH professionals toward successful customized business solutions with UTH. Many customer choose to work with a UTH Authorized Partner to accelerate their ERP implementation timelines.
  • 3.
    Software Migration
    UTH open source ERP software lets you change anything at any time. The software migration page introduces you to processes and tools for upgrading to the latest version of UTH.
  • 4.
    UTH Service Packs
    UTH periodically releases Service Packs that include cumulative bug fixes on top of the latest available stable release. Service Packs enable customers with support subscriptions to safely apply bug fixes to their production system UTH ERP software without requiring a functional upgrade to the next release.
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    Access Support Assets
    UTH customers have access to their support assets such as stable ERP software releases, service packs and documentation through the UTH Web Store.
  • 6.
    Community Resources
    Explore the SourceForge forums, and issue tracking resources that UTH proudly sponsors for the benefit of the UTH ERP Open Source community of integrators, developers and end-user customers.
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    Fee-based Services
    UTH offers a range of fee-based services to ensure that your UTHSUITE solution meets the needs of your business now and in the future. Learn more about UTH support subscriptions, learning products and tools designed to help you get the most out of your UTH investment. Contact us to discuss which services are right for your business.