• Quotations
    Quotations remain valid for four weeks after date of submittal
  • Delivery
    Delivery will be done as agreed
  • Warranty
    The warranty period for software is twelve months
    Non-standard warranty terms, if any, will be specified in writing
  • Payments
    The legally binding VAR or country-specific sales taxes have to be added to all prices listed
    Payments shall be due without deductions immediately after date of invoice
  • Expenses
    All services and travel expenses are generally charged upon completion
  • Daily rates
    Our daily rates are based in an 8-hour workday per employee in the time between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. (Saturday excluded). In case of night work (between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m.) and on Saturday the hourly rates are increased by 50%. In case of work performed on Sunday and holidays, the hourly rates are increased by 100%.
  • Installation
    All software components are charged directly after installation. If the installation is not carried out by UTH, the software will be charged directly after delivery.
  • Property
    The goods remain in the property of UTH until paid in full
  • Maintenance
    Software maintenance starts with the date of installation (if done by UTH), otherwise after delivery
  • Contract conditions
    The contract conditions of our framework agreement on the provision of software and services are part of the proposal
Travel expenses and allowances will be charged separately by UTH as follow:
  1. For trips by car:
    • – within Europe 1,20 EUR/km
    • – for all other countries 1,50 EUR/mile
  2. In case of use of public transportation:
    • – within Europe as per transportation receipt plus EUR 70 per hour of travel
    • – for all other countries as per transportation receipt plus US$ 100 per hour of travel
  3. Overnight expenses will be charged as per actual invoice.
  4. Daily allowance fees will be billed according to the country-specific legal provisions.
  5. Any additional expenses for travel and living (T&L) will BE charged as per receipt.


There are no additional agreements.

The General Terms and Conditions shall apply.